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Contribution to the group project

Write a post to your blog reflecting on your own particular contribution to the development of the group project. It is important to consider the shortcomings and failures in addition to the successes. Indeed, there is a greater opportunity for learning when you reflect on what went wrong and how you might improve your contribution in future team projects.

As regards the development of the group project, I suppose I will first address the failings, the first of which was the failure of our group to actually meet as a group. Fenix and I met a few times and communicated via facebook, while Autocat and I communicated in RL. However all three of us did not all meet up together. Autocat and Fenix did meet in SL towards the end but I could not make it. It probably wasn’t due to any shortcomings of technology it was just up to people make time to put the work in for this module, myself included. That was though, however big a failing, probably the only failing of our group.

We were relatively skilled in the ways we chose to do our bits of the presentation. Fenix created something in Second Life while I stuck to what I knew in the form of a Powerpoint presentation. My research and execution of actually making up the slides-text, images, screenshots etc-went well. I also felt that my meetings with Fenix went well, as she showed me how to import my slides into SL. Her help here was vital though as I am totally new to Second Life as I have already stated.

In future for team projects I think it would be important to ensure that the group actually meets as a team and then works as a team. Not enough was done for our final group project. I think that this is essential and of adhered to the group project should go very well and to group members satisfaction. I felt our group project did go well but perhaps not as well as it could have because of the unevenly distributed work. he idea that we though up was good and we both came at it from interesting angles as regards the theme but that was the problem-it was just the two of us working on the project. However I think overall it was a success and I enjoyed the virtual module and would definitely recommend it to fellow students,.


Virtual Collaboration-Belbin’s Nine Team Roles

Well since we only have 3 members in our team it is hard to appropriate 9 roles, in my opinion. However we might be able to give 3 to us each! Although me may not all fit perfectly into one of these roles. I think I will start with myself although there may some crossover with me and some of the other members of the team.

First of alI would like to think I can be a New Ideas Planter. One of my other group members Fenix came up with an initial interpretation of the theme from which I came up with an idea for the project off the back of that. I would also like to think I am a Team Worker as I have participated in all our team meetings so far and worked well with Fenix. If we are to get this Power Point presentation done however I think I may have to be the Completer Finisher too!

As for Fenix I hope she doesn’t mind me giving her team project labels but they are of course positive. First of all in our team, she is definitely the Specialist. Like many of the people in our class she has been on Second Life for years and knows almost everything about it. Far more than myself and our other team member Autocat. We are both totally new to Second Life. Fenix is also definitely the Resource Investigator as she came up with an idea from the project theme and researched it. I also researched it with her in our first meeting. I guess she is also the Implementer as she created the Dexterity Course at her place in SL that we were going to use for our presentation. 

So I think the members of our group essentially do fit into Belbin’s Nine Team Roles while working together in our group project.

Group Work Online-The Trials and Tribulations

So group work online so far…started off promising. Followed Fenix on twitter and communicated with her on that. It was bit slow as I didn’t always check that twitter account as I have my own personal one. So we decided it would be better if I added her on facebook. That worked much better as I added her SL facebook page to my personal fb page and we could communicate much more often and instantly. I got Autocat to set up a twitter account and we tried to communicate with him pn that and even in SL chat in class but he didn’t respond to wither of us. Which wasn’t the end of the world as I can speak to Autocat in real life. Anything Fenix and I have discussed I have relayed to him briefly in RL. However he needs to meet us all together.

Anyway back to the beginning. Agreed to meet with Fenix at her own place in SL, through communication on either facebook or twitter I think it was. I told Autocat in RL but ultimately I think he forgot. Our first meeting went very well despite Fenix unfortunately getting the time difference wrong by an hour. However I think we got on quite well and got a good enough start on thinking of an idea with the project. We then agreed a time to meet the next week that would suit us both. WE communicated on facebook about ideas in the meantime and came up with some intersting results. I then tried to explain these to Autocat in RL. I also told him about our next meeting.

However when it came to it i was half an hour late. I asked Fenix on facebook if she was online, I got no reply. Autocat had forgotten again! Fenix then got back to me to say she was sick which she had metioned to me in the last meeting so I understood and hoped she was ok. We then discussed the idea further (last Monday) and may have come up with a result. We just need to put the work in. Autocat has since made a facebook page so I added him. I told Fenix about his name of facebook and that I had added him. That was this week on Tuesday (November 20th) and that has been my latest communication with Fenix til now. I have been speaking to Autocat in RL as recently as today but he still hasn’t confirmed my friend request on facebook! So he obviously doesn’t check that either. The next step is another group meeting though, hopefully this weekend. That is our progress in group work so far. I have met and been chatting with both members of my group quite regualrly but not together. That is the next step.

Reulation, Convention and Etiquette in Online Comunities.

Being new to Scond Life, the first thing I noticed was the etiquette regarding talking bout real life. In general, it does not seem to be acceptable to talk about RL as real life is abbreviated to in SL. That seems to be becaus emost people have come to SL maybe not to quite get away from their real life but as a form of escape from it anyway. When I first heard about Second Life, I’m not sure hwere I heard of it first of all. But I definitely knew of it before I took this virtual model. The fist thing that came to mind was stereotypical nerds for want of a better words, huddled in front of their computers day and night, living their life out online while missing out on the real world outside. I suppose to be honest I felt sorry for them, that they felt this online life, that wasn’t even real, was better than their real life. But maybe they felt they belonged there anyway at least. They were accpeted by the rest of thes epeople looking to get away from thier daily real lifes at least for a while.

So that was the first obvious point, don’t talk about RL if you can avoid it, and certainly not unless the other person wants to.It is frowned upon; I think
it is fair to go as far as saying that. I found that when I entered Second Life
straight away and commented how hard it was to make friends in second life. I
may have said it’s a bit life real life and then started a conversation. They
then told me, benevolently and good-naturedly; to keep me out of trouble not to
talk about real life. I had some idea that it may be like this but I wasn’t
sure. As Second Life is a world in its own right, it’s a virtual reality. Not
like a discussion forum, a platform I would be much more familiar with, where
almost anything can be chatted about no matter the original purpose or theme of
the forum. There is nearly always a general discussion part of the forum and it
may often be the most-used part of the forum.

Another interesting thing about regulation, convention and etiquette in SL is ownership. As I learned in one of our classes recently that we had, people have had rows over ownership of land for example in Second Life. We discussed in the class about if a legal battle should arise, where should it take place? If the people involved are from totally different parts of the world, where should a trial be held? Actually in Second Life? I find this hard to comprehend, as the land itself isn’t real land but obviously if it is an issue in what is for people their very real life, it must be resolved somehow. Also regarding ownership, a classmate told me about something I would be interested in-horses in Second Life. She told me that like a lot of things in Second Life, horses are big business. So I researched some stables and visited one or two. Alas I found I could not ride a horse as in real life, they belonged to somebody.

So in conclusion, SL etiquette etc is a lot like RL in my opinion, apart from the fact it is its own separate world. But other things such as making friends and arguments over land for example are similar if not the same. Just as difficult and just as real life is for Second Lifers.

Meeting people

Met a very interesting individual in SL yesterday, her name on it was Joelle Lustre. I presumed this was not her real name but I didn’t ask her. I met her in the Junkyard Blues Jazz Club. I asked her if I could ask her a few questions and she obliged.

She told me she joined SL in 2004. She heard of it on another similar but perhaps not quite as advanced website called The website now seems to be almost defunct but you can still log in with your old avatar if you wish. She told me she had made friends there and as soon as they heard about SL they moved onto it, leaving There behind. She found SL difficult at first as I did but she soon caught on. I asked her about the changes in SL over the years since she joined and she agreed that they annoyed her. But that overall they were better for the site and she got used to the improvements over time.

I asked her if she had met anybody in real life in her 16 years online and she revealed she ad met many of her online friends, often in groups though. Or with her husband coming along. She said she knew when it was safe to trust someone and she went with her instincts which are usually right. In all she had met over 80 in these 16 years which I found amazing. I have only met one online friend and I think it would take another person who I trusted explicitly for me to do it again! I had no doubts at all about this guy especially as we were meeting in a public place. Plus he wasn’t just meeting me especially, he had already arranged this trip and he asked if i wanted to come along. If I had said no he definitely wouldn’t have been offended and would have understand. He wouldn’t have pressed me or gone the opposite way and not all to me again. But as regards Joelle, a group situation is different but I felt 80 even in over ten years was a lot.

2nd life-exploring the world:The Blarney Bar

The first place in Dublin SL I found was the Blarney Bar. The first place I visited was Trinity College but there was no one around so I decided to try and find some people. And the first place I stumbled across was the Blarney Bar. Not quite like an “Irish bar” abroad because after all it was in Dublin but obviously Dublin in SL, it was a fairly good representation of a typical Irish bar in my opinion. But definitely not like an Irish pub, it was far too spacious and open. And who openly dances in an Irish pub? Not until after a good few anyway. As I am totally knew to Second Life I didn’t know what to do so at first I just stood around watching. I hadn’t yet learned to sit down as I learned in my lecture the next day. I explored upstairs but it was empty and noticed the Guinness posters. They were playing typical traditional Irish music which I presumed was always played there which put me off. Yet I have discovered on subsequent visits that it depends on the DJ. One night I was there and there was excellent music playing, new and old pop classics. If you’re going to dance though you should try and get the mood right to the beat and rhythm of the music. What I noticed is that everyone is very friendly and will generally say hi to a new person entering a place. And since I learned to sit down I can sit at the bar like a normal civilian and observe the dancers. Next thing though, how to order a pint?


I may have grown up with the internet, my first browser was Surf Monkey, I used to play games on and Yahooligans; Adiboo, My Little Pony and Encarta Encyclopedia were among my PC CD Roms, Neopets was checked almost everyday, getting up early on the weekends to hang out on multiple forums before they were cool, when Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows were king and a few years before Facebook and Youtube were even invented. Bebo generation too. But there are still many things that are new to me on the internet that I have discovered through starting to use them with college-wordpress,tumblr, and now Second Life. This blog is to chart my journey through Second Life for my virtual module in college, Is One Life Enough? I may have grown up with the internet and *cringe* roleplaying forums but I have a lot to learn still.